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* anything worth having is, worth waiting for *

i argue with him like he`s my br0ther
i flirt with him f0r the friend he is
but i l0ve him like s0mething he`ll neva be
what he is n0w is all i`m ever g0nna see
he`ll always be just a friend t0 me

it's when I feel like I'm losing you I realize how much I love you and how I cannot go on without you

u know what else can i do ..i thought this would make you happy not having to put up with me anymore but all u have to say is give me time to get over you? get over what? ....u have other girls im nothing to you just another chick u can't hurt anymore.....im sorry all i ever wanted to be was your friend your like a brother to me chim and u always will be but it hurts to much to have our flings and i still like u i always will like u said if it's meant to happen it will
....love you

* After this is over.. will you still be my best friend?
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