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If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

}}i{{ so little time so much to do }}i{{
}}i{{ i`d rather speNd mY dayS<3 }}i{{
}}i{{ with yOu , so littLe time sO }}i{{
}}i{{ much to dO id like to spend }}i{{
}}i{{ one daY with yOu <33 xoxox }}i{{

okay so ......i wanna go back to TexAs SOOOO BADLY to see Nate, He'S So AdoRable So Adorable!! I wish he lived here so Much he's so pathetic how i like left my heart in texas and nothing will ever happen from it but i miss him so much he's so adorable and ughh so perfect!!!He's so nice and the things he says i wish i could just keep him forever w/ his cute southern accent =]!<3 3 3

IdK wuts up with Adam! i hate how he gets so stupid about other guys with me ..i mean were not together and he can have other girls ..its okay so why does he get so pissed when i hang out with other guys ...it doesn't mean i like him any differently ...We're not together and if he's gonna keep this up i don't know why we aren't?!...

And Andys gone ...7 more days till he'll be back ....its kinda weird i actually miss him being around all the time..ahh well yeah don't know what he's thinkin but he's yay...well im gonna go ..i just miss nate thats all =\ i hope my dad takes me in september if he doesn't im gonna make my mom fly me down there haha
~ Ter@

and when the stars fall i will lie awake
you're my shooting star
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