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almost time for school AHHH NOOOO

So Today ..i thought i had to babysit @ 9 oclock this morning but its tomorrow so thats two mornings in a row i have to wake up early ...eh! so i dragged Kate outta bed and we went for breakfast and than to the mall i got the Dashboard CD and the Starting line CD than Jake came over and we just sat around i love being with him he makes me so happy <333 he left @ like 6..and Charlie picked me up and we went out for dinner hes so funny he always makes me smile than i just came home and have been online bored...

i miss nate pretty bad i haven't seen him since may this whole him living in texas thing sucks ass i dont know about him like i can't tell if he cares for me like he seems to get jealous when i talk about other guys but i just dont know if hes as serious about me as i am about him...hmm well im off
love ters!

"I said, I've gotta be honest
Ive been waiting for you all my life.
For so long i thought i wasn't gonna settle down,
but just seeing you makes me think twice.
the feel of you here makes me sane.
i fear ill go crazy if you leave my sight.
you've got wits, you've got looks, you've got passion,
but are you brave enough to leave with me tonite
tonite, tonite youve got me" ~ Dashboard
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