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i just got off the phone with Nate , i haven't seen him since may ...i might go loco if i don't see him soon i love him theres no doubt about it
he's the one im head over heals uncontrolable in love with this boy i love everything about him
his shaggy hair ,...his southern accent, the way he says my name. i'd do anything for it to just be me and him already i love him with everything in me. <33 i doubt he feels this way about me i could only dream....he thinks hes such a player i think idk part of me thinks i got this one....i feel like im the only girl thats got him whipped. i mis shim like crazy tho thats for sure...well today i did nothing Jake came over but he always leaves to go hang out with his friends by like 7 ...so i had nothing to do like alwayyyysss thanks jake....nice boyfriend u are...
tomorrow mandy and me are goin to my dads i think to chill with him and thn sean and tj ..well im gonna go to bed nothin else to do..later!
love ters!
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