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ahh morning.....=O

sooo ...work sucks ..i hate working with emilie ..she a fucking whore...um so she fucked our manager ...and every other guy in the world im ashamed to be friends with her i don't know i want to kill her i've been with her so much ..none of my other friends like her so they wont hang out with me when she's around i might go insane soon if she doesn't leave me alone yea...and andrew...wut's with this new crap where he talks to me ...not cool just leave me alone and get over me already ur a fat loser...ahhhh
jake was pretty crabby yesterday i hate how when somethings wrnog he never tells me its not cool @ all ....atleast i got to see Kami ...i mis my friends ....fuck emilie ...im done hanging out with her....lol well i gotta go shower i got work and crap to do
love ters!

"I've been....fallin like the rain
but you've got your umbrella in my way..." <3
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