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its been a while eh??

hey yall its been forever huh ..well its the summer b4 my senior year..yaya for college! haha im looking @ schools in texas so thats exciting arm weather for once instead of snow snow snow wut a drag ...lol so anyways i choose a different summer job this year got away from the pool ....altho i miss it its great not to have grene hair from the pool water. im working at lonestar steakhouse and salon ..yeee haww lol o man my friend emilie is working with me its very very interesting ..kind of annoying its fun tho sometimes. Umm im stil hanging out with brenna ashley tris and niki luv them to death ..lets see ...this year i went thru andrew..and now im on to jake hes a qt red hair ..its a killer o yay but i cant think of anything else to say right now...sooo ...ill talk lata! love ters muah!!
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